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Welcome to Polaris Web Works

Contained here is this nook of the World Wide Web is the Art of Scott Millard - Digital Designer.

By Digital Designer, I am saying that I have talents that span multi-media. Plus, I create everything, almost exclusively, digitally. Paintings, Drawings, Logos, Brochures, Magazines, Ads, Websites, Animations, and Video. I even added a digital drawing tablet to my arsenal, and it allows me to coordinate, convey and create ideas, digitally, directly to file, across Skype, for friends, family or customers.

So I give,... to you,... this,... my gallery. The porthole in cyberspace exclusively dedicated to showing the world The Art of Scott Millard. So come, explore, peruse my exhibition, and maybe even find a reason to put me to work?

Drop me a line anytime, especially if you have work.

Check back often to see what's new.

A Gallery In Motion

The home screen portfolio player is fed by my YouTube Channel. each portfolio piece is presented as a musical video short. Take a moment and check out some of my best work, right here, right now.